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Kunama 1961

Parents and Citizens' Association

As we move towards the end of yet another year of activity the Parents and Citizens' Association feel that they have carried out the duties and responsibilities associated with their function.

Attendances at our meetings over the past year have gradually increased and generally the interest shown by parents has and continues to be most encouraging to the committee.

At this stage let us extend our sincere appreciation to our Headmaster, Mr. Laughlin and his staff, for the most excellent manner in which they have approached the day to day problems of our children and also at our monthly meetings the way they have met, mixed with and generally discussed the children's problems with the parents.

Thanks to the teachers who have as guest speakers addressed our monthly meetings, discussing direct with the parents the modern methods and approach to their various subjects has been most enlightening and appreciated by the parents, to them we extend our sincere thanks.

Over the past year progress has continued on the sports oval and associated facilities, the oval is now being used for football and hockey. The four basketball courts are in continuous use and it is anticipated that the cricket pitch and practice wickets will be laid in the very near future.

To date it is estimated that approximately £1,600 has been spent by the Parents and Citizens' Association in improving the sporting facilities for our children, this money has only became available by the efforts and support of the parents, and, it is felt that the continuous support will see the completion of the oval to the stage when it will be possible to hold the inter house and inter school athletic carnivals on our own ground, quite an achievement for the life of the school.

The next step towards completing the oval project is the start on the dozing levelling and laying out of the site for five tennis courts, which the Association hopes to have completed and ready for use early 1962.

We as parents feel justly proud of the achievements attained both academic and sporting by the children, and have no hesitation in feeling that this condition will continue to exist under the guidance of Mr. Laughlin and his staff, our earnest wishes are that their efforts will continue to uphold the position of this school as being one of the leading schools in the State.

K. E. ANDREWS, President

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