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Kunama 1961

Library Report

In the Library, there are about 800 fiction and 1,250 non-fiction books. About 150 books have been added to the Library during 1961, some of which have been presented to the school. The Library is catering for a fairly wide range of age and interest groups. In buying the Librarian has placed emphasis on attractively bound, well-printed and well­illustrated books. Of the new books, fiction, sport, French Readers. Mathematics, Science and History books have been the most extensively borrowed.

Periodicals subscribed to this year included "Walkabout", "Art and Education", "Australian Museum", "Pictorial Education", "Radio, Television and Hobbies". The Library has received free-of-charge such publications as "Commonwealth To-day', "Christian Science Monitor" and various national and company publications.

Various teaching and study aids have been added to the Library; mounted pictures and diagrams, the periodicals mentioned above and some films.

The Library has been well used for research and projects as well as for private reading. Most people have taken care of the Library's books and have shown consideration for other people reading and working in the Library during luncheon recess.

The borrowing system has worked reasonably smoothly. Students have been allowed to borrow fiction books for a week (to he renewed at the end of that time if necessary) and non-fiction for two days to a week depending on the demand for the book. In this regard we do want more co-operation from students in getting their books back on time.

Throughout the year the Library has been "student operated". All the Library staff have shown development in their jobs - in preparing new books for the Library, in making minor, repairs, in speeding up the borrowing process and the return of books, and in general giving assistance to readers and borrowers to make the Library pleasant and comfortable for all.

Many students from the school have shown considerable progress in developing their reading habits - they are reading other fiction besides "Biggles" and "Enid Blyton" e.g. Dickens. Eleanor Dark, Shaw and are trying their hand at reading Science and Mathematical books.

Increased use has been made of the town Library and many students are now active borrowers from two libraries.

E. L. ISLES, Librarian

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