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Kunama 1961

Main Index

Front Cover, Kunama 1961


School Directory, 1961

Staff Photo, 1961

The Headmaster | Headmaster's Message

Staff Notes

5th Year, 1961

School Captains' Messages

Inter-School Debates

Prefects, 1961

School Visits, 1961

Examination Successes 1960
Leaving Certificate | Intermediate Certificate

Sporting Sphere at MHS
House Patrons and Captains, 1961
School War Cry
Blue Winners, 1960
School Records

Dickerson Cup
Summer Series at Cooma
Winter Series at Bega

Inter-School Visits

Annual Swimming Carnival

Annual Athletic Carnival

Girls' Summer Sports

Life Saving 1960

Girls' Winter Sport

Saturday Competitions

Boys' Summer Sport

Boys' Winter Sport

Staff vs. Pupils Matches

Sport Photo's
School Tennis Team
School Athletics Team
Girls Basketball
Boys' Swimming Team | Girls' Swimming Team
"A"and "B" Softball Teams
"A" Basketball Team
"A" Hockey Team
"A" Grade Cricket | "B" Grade Cricket XI
Open Weight Football

In Our Opinion
The School Press Book
The Australian Jamboree
White Australia Policy
Permanent World Peace is Impossible
Widening or Deepening, Fraying and Decaying
Is Australia Capable of Much Further Rapid Expansion
Thought in the Modern Era

Editorial Notes

Literary Section
The Rare Stamp | Thread of Life
The Destruction of Pompeii
Bombers' Return
Portrait d'un Enfant de Dix Ans

Looking Around
Coming to Australia | On the Snow
My Trip through the Centre
Early Morning in the Australian Bush
Adventure in the Desert | Destruction
Port Moresby, Papua

Three Thirty | Dawn Loading
Flight | If You...
Tinus Mortuus | Discovery
Spring | The Wombat
Longing | Dogs

Parents and Citizens' Association

Library Report
Dux of Class - Half Year 1961 (photo)

School Notes
Thanks | Historical Excursions
Drama 1961 | Films
School Service Group (photo)
Social Sphere
Commonwealth Day
Fourth Year Kunama Group (photo)
Scholarships and Prizes

The Monaro High School Song

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