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Kunama 1962

Main Index

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Front Cover, Kunama 1962


Staff Photo, 1962

School Directory

The Principal | Principal's Message

Staff Notes

Portion of a Letter Written by Mr. Brian Jagger

School Captains' Messages

5th Year, 1962

Prefects 1962

Examination Successes
Leaving Certificate Examination, 1961
Intermediate Certificate, 1961

Dux of Class - Half Year, 1962

Scholarships and Prizes

Parents and Citizens' Association

Editorial Notes

School Hostel
Hostel News
"A Typical Day at the Hostel"

Debating and Public Speaking

Library Report


Around The School
Monaro High School
Extracts From Our Diary
Visitors To Our School
The Vice-Regal Visit
Freedom From Hunger Campaign
Special Days | Drama
Play Night 1962 | Play Day 1962 | Art
Reorganisation Of The Woodwork And Metalwork Rooms
Metalwork Class
The Chess Club
Education Week Ball
School Socials | Young Acquaintance
We See Around The School...
Beaucoup De Work

Around The World
India | Norway | England | Cairo | Guam
Baghdad | Japan | Japan | Germany
Cooma | Just Passing Through

Stated Briefly
First Day | Luxury | Five Years
Death | Morning | The Bower Bird
My Holiday | Fire | Sunset
Die Sterntaler | Weihnachten
Le Feu Dans La Brousse | Le Mendiant

To A Grandfathers Clock
To My Love | Trumpet | Der Floh
Cruising On Lake Eucumbene
Grey Morning | Train Ride | Death
To A Fire | Invasion | Sands Of Time

In Our Opinion
How To Make A Fortune In Five Years
Road Toll - "Eleven Road Deaths at Weekend"
World Peace Is Impossible
Fishing | The Aborigine | Cowboy Films
Love Of Country
"How Literature Misrepresents Life"
Barbarism Through The Ages

Our School At Sport
Dickerson Cup - Bega High School
Dickerson Boys' 100 yards
Noel Laughlin Cup
Blues 1961 | Blues 1962
Annual Swimming Carnival 1962
Life Saving 1961
Girls' Summer Sport
Boys' Summer Sport
First Hockey X!
First XIII Football Team
Boys' Basketball Team
Boys' Basketball
Annual Athletics Carnival 1961
Girls' Basketball Team
Girls' Winter Sport
Boys' Winter Sport
Saturday Competition
Weekend Sport
We Finally Done It!!
The 1962 Dickerson Cup
The Origin Of Basketball


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The School Song

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