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Kunama 1971

Principal's Message


Each year the school continues to grow, despite the suggestion that Cooma is "falling off'. In 1972 the enrolment is expected to pass 1,000 and possibly reach 1,030. The number of pupils returning after the School Certificate to study for the Higher School Certificate continues to remain high and expectations for next year ae 120 in Form 5 and 110 in Form 6

Unfortunately languages are declining in the school and Latin has disappeared from theelective choices in Form 2 and Form 3. This is simply because there are insufficient pupils who wish to elect the subject. Sufficient pupils are choosing French and German and these subjects can be retained. It is however hoped that more will elect to study these subjects in the Senior school. As a result of the drop in the total number of periods in the Languaes Department there will be no Languages Master in 1972. However, an additional master, Namely History Master, will be appointed and this will mean that there will be fewer periods to be supervised in the English Department which previously contained both English and History.

The Languages Laboratory became a reality this year and the language staff has worked hard to make good use of the valuable equipment which has been provided. It is felt that the pupils will benefit greatly from this modern asset.

The Ancillary staff of the school has been increased. As from the beginning of the year, a General Assistant commenced duty, and recently the part time Secretary became full time. The ancillary staff now consists of three Secretaries, General Assistant, Library Clerical Assistant and Laboratory Assistant.

An experiment was tried this year with regard to the conduct of examinations. It had been customary to hold both Half Yearly and Yearly Examinations for Forms 1, 2, 3 and 5 and a Trial Examination for Forms 4 and 6. It was decided to dispense with the Half Yearly Examination for Forms 1, 2, 3 and 5. Reports were still prepared and the marks were obtained by the teachers from the work done during the Half Year. This system was well accepted by both Parents and Pupils. Yearly examinations will still be held and reports prepared, and of course the all important Trial Examinations were retained.

I extend my thanks to the Students, Teachers and Parents for the co-opertion which has been extended to me and the school during 1971.

D.K. McKay, B.A.

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