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Kunama 1971

Captain’s Messages


To be the girl captain of Monaro High is an honour and a privilege. Although there is a responsibility, there is also much enjoyment. I am grateful to the other Prefects for their help and support. Thank you Mr. McKay, Mr. O’Dwyer and Mr. Rugendyke for your interest and for your assistance to the Prefect team.

Our school offers great scope in study and sport for the development of our abilities and character. But each of us must participate in these activities if we wish to take full advantage of these opportunities. In this participation by each person, which has kept and will keep Monaro High “In the Ascendant”.

Rosemary Gilfillan


This is no doubt the most rewarding and enjoyable year I have spent at Monaro High School. It is a great honour and worthwhile experience to hold the position of school captain. My position has ben made easier by the support Mr. McKay, Mr. Rugendyke, members of staff and fellow prefects.

Once again the school’s high academic and sporting standard has een maintained and it is only through the participation and effort of each individual student that this can be achieved. I wish Monaro High all the best for the future and will watch its achievements with interest.

I would like to thank everyone for helping to keep Monaro High “In the Ascendant” during 1971.

Geoffrey Luton

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