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Kunama 1971

Education Week Ball



After a panic about whether or not the back wall should be covered in foil and two days spent trying to cover the ceiling with nets, the Social Committee and helpers, finished decorating the hall in black and white, with foil aomng the streamers to reflect light.
The hall was crowded when the debs were presented to Mr. Burton, the District Inspector of Schools. When the debs had danced their presentation rhumba, danceing continued to music provided by the Anne Leaver Brass.
At 11 p.m., fifth form served supper. The night profided an outstanding success.

And next morning... clean-up.

Isabel Robinson


Angela Bailey
Antoinette Barisic
Jennifer Benson
Caroline Bottcher
Jan Brown
Anne Doyle
Gail Eastaway
Patricia Fletcher
Wendy Gibson
Rosemary Gilfillan
Gail Godden
Wendy Gammon
Maria Haynes
Catherine Hundling
Catriona Henderson
Linda Jones
Caroline Kroon
Doris Kofler
Mariann Lukacs
Sue Lyon
Joelle Lynch
Dzintra Lukss
Bernadette Mackay
Robyn McAlpin
Mary Molnar
Lynn Montgomery
Anne O’Dwyer
Andrea Pados
Rosemary Parsons
Marion Pugh
Dawn Potter
Denice Rayner
Jann Reid
Meralyn Rolfe
Lynette Rumph
Connie Smith
Rosemary Sawyer
Jill Trevanion
Jose van Geffen


Neil Armstrong
Graham Aitchison
Uwe Boettcher
Bernard Boller
Tony Cargnelutti
Peter Campbell
David Champion
Norman Clarke
John Collins
Klaus Czajka
Richard Evans
Peter Fichter
Guido Graudins
Alan Goddard
John Howes
Barry Jamieson
Peter Karay
Tom Lahres
Tom Latter
Doug Lee
Geoffrey Luton
Terry McDonald
John Mackowski
Malcolm Maiden
Rowan Mason
Leigh McCulloch
Michael McFaddon
Rod McLean
Stewart Gale
Dennis Minehan
Fred Nichols
Robert Paterson
Derryk Russell
Peter Rutherford
Chris Raynes
Terry Rushton
David Shellshear
Adrian Schoo
William Steinbacher
Ray de Smeth
David Schweiger
Graham Tynan
Colin Thomas
Werner von der Berg
Kerry Woodhouse

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