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Kunama 1971

House Reports



Thisyear Gordon has been quite successful in the various sporting competitions. The members and house patron, Mr Tarlinton, have worked hard and were rewarded by coming runners-up in the Athletics Carnival and third in theSwimming Carnival.

Gordon’s third place in the Swimming Carnival was due to the overall success of the members and Debbie Anderson who was the sub-junior champion. In the Athletics Carnival we won the sub-junior cup.

Gordon debaters are to be congratulated for thier success in winning both the junior and senior inter-house debating competition. We defeated Kendall in both finals.

Gordon’s only success in the skiing was Mandy Burgess who won the A-grade and Caroline Bottcher who was runner-up.

This year, promotion of house spirit, greater participation and mr Tarlinton’s enthousiasm, have helped Gordon to gain the above successes

Jenny Benson
Neil Armstrong


Lawson began the year with a good win in the Swimming Carnival, gaining the Junior Champion House Cup and the Overall Champion House Cup. Congratulations to Ian Nebauer and Jose van Geffen for their excellent efforts.

Since the swimming we’ve suffered a reversal in all events except skiing. Due to the efforts of our skiers, Lawson won the Skiing Championships with Michael Klima being the Boys A Grade Champion.

We gained third placing in the overall points for the boys cross-country and second in the girls. Thanks to Colin Mackay and Joellen Latter for their good runs. With last placing in the Cycling Championships, Debating and Athletics, Lawson showed much room for more enthusiasm and spirit.

Thanks to all of those pupils in Lawson who participated in house competition and special thanks to Miss Stalvies, Mr Box and Mr Stanger for their help and encouragement.

Jose van Geffen
Neil Podlich


During 1971 Paterson has not been as successful as in previous years. Although we all tried hard, we only managed to come a disappointing fourth in the Swimming Carnival, with Annalise Titterness and Atif Soukieh being our outstanding swimmers.

However, a better performance in the Athletics Carnival resulted in Paterson being outright winners. Individual efforts by Lyons Walcott and Wendy Thomas helped greatly in the victory.

Both our Junior and Senior Debating teams were unsuccessful this year and were defeated in the first round.

In the Skiing Championships we were narrowly defeated again by managed to gain second place in B Grade, first in C Grade and first in the Cross Country.

We appreciate the efforts of all Paterson participants and thank them for their cooperation throughout the year.

Jann Reid
David Schweiger


Throughout 1971 Kendall House members have all tried hard, thanks to the enthusiasm of all and also to the House Patrons.

In the Swimming Carnival, Kendall came second and won the Senior Champion House Cup. A. Hartig, I. Hartig and M. Fitzgerald received individuals trophies.

For the first time this year, all houses competed in in new events. The cycling championship was one of these with Kendall boys coming first and Kendall girls fourth. Another new event was the girls’ softball. Kendall junior girls came first, winning three out of three games. The senior section is not yet completed but Kendall has won two out of two games with one to go.

In the cross-country, Kendall gained first place in the boys and third in the girls. P. de Smeth and R. de Smeth were individual winners in their sections.

In the inter-house debating, both senior and junior teams reached the finals but both were defeated.

On sports afternoons, inter-house competitions were played.
The results were:

Football 3rd
Basketball 4th
Soccer 2nd
Boy’s Hockey 2nd

Gail Godden
Stewart Gale

House Captains 1971

David Schweiger, Neil Podlich, Stewart Gale, Neil Armstrong
Jann Reid, Jose van Geffen, Gail Godden, Jenny Benson

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