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Kunama 1971

Cadet Report


So far this year the Cadet Unit has been very busy both carrying on normal activities and building the Unit up to full strength of 50 odd in the ranks plus officers: a further increase in ceiling strength has been requested.

At the end of 1970 a total of 6 senior cadets were sent on special training courses at Singleton to fill the vacant positions of C.U.O., Platoon and Training Sgts. and Quarter/Master Sgt. All passed their respective courses and have since been promoted to the appropriate ranks.

Both Capt. Harber and his mate (Capt. wot’s his name) worked extremely hard in the first weeks of the year to get things organized with a Range Practice, Junior Leaders course and two Bivouacs. The Range Practice was in the form of an introductory shoot for the new members and a rust remover for both rifles and seniors after the long Christmas break.

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Two excellent Bivouacs were held out on Steven Mackay’s parents property on the Buckenderra Peninsula on the banks of Lake Eucumbene. Living and working in field conditions was a new and exciting experience for many of the newer cadets, who gained valuable knowledge in night movement, minor tactics, field living and hygiene. the weather on the first weekend was excellent except for a light overnight fog which, as predicted by C.U.O. G. Luton, turned into a couple of hours of steady rain. On the second night the Principal of the School, his wife, Mrs Hilyard and Mr and Mrs Mackay, who supplied the meat, dropped in for the Unit Bar-B-Que and a good time was had by all. For the benefit of the guests, interested onlookers and would-be fishermen Capt. Hilyard showed his prowess by landing a 2 1/2 pound fish. The weather was with us for the second Bivouac when similar activities and training were carried out, several seniors benefited from the fishing lesson by adding fish to the breakfast menu.

The unit once again participated in both the School and town Anzac Day Ceremonies by mounting a guard in the School Hall and marching as a Unit in the large Saturday morning service at the Cenotaph.

The annual Duntroon Visit was held in June with the Unit having a quick tour around the College and then on, out to the Range for a Bren Gun Shoot. A good Bren and Rifle shoot was heldby all, a demonstration of the M60 Machine Gun was perhaps the highlight of the day. A number of officers and cadets showed some real skill with the weapons. Mr Hilyard excelled himself by bursting eight balloons in a row with the Bren Gun at 200 yards.

Since then the former C.U.O. Geoff Luton has regretfully left the Unit to concentrate on his school work for his major exams, we thank Geoff for his untiring efforts for the Unit and wish him every possible success with his exams.

The Annual Camp will be held at Singleton again this year with the Unit spending 5 out of 7 days out in the bush. Some Unit members will be shooting against other schools in the competition for a certain trophy. Also the “Marksman” Badge will be awarded to those who qualify at one of our Range Practices whilst in Camp.

We are hoping to fit in one more Bivouac before theend of3rd term to round off the year’s Cadet activities.

The requirements to join the Cadet Unit are:

    1. be 14 or turn 14 in the year of joining
    2. be 4ft 9in. in height (or very close to it, we can stretch you)
    3. be of good health
    4. attend weekly Parades, Bivouacs, Shoots and Annual Camp regularly

Thanks go to Mr Harber and Mr Hilyard for their unceasing efforts in the running and administration of our unit.

C.U.O. G. Price
C.U.O. R. Smith

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