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Kunama 1971



This Jesus.
God, He's beautiful

I mean, He's really great.
He's not at all pretty
Or "sick" beautiful
Like the pictures of Him
That Christians hang on their walls

He's not like that at all.
He's real.
He's got soul.

What he did is something else
There's nothing like it.

You see,
God was like a stranger to people
Oh, they thought they knew Him,
But they really didn't,
When this Jesus came on the scene.

Jesus knew Him.
That's why He didn't fit in
With other people.
He was Himself.
He didn't have to copy anyone.
He did what he had to do
And kept on doing it until
They couldn't take it any longer
So they killed him.
He did His thing
Because He was Jesus.
He wasn't trying to be someone else
He was tough.

He cut through all the phony ideas
Of the priests and leaders
And told them the truth.
And He still does.
He really knows the truth about God
And it's wild.

"Your God is a stranger."
He keeps saying.
"And you keep building a wall
To keep God away
Because you're scared to face him.
Well, I can bust any wall,
Any evil, any box you make for God
Or for yourself.


I busted the biggest prison of all
When I jumped out of My grave
And showed the world
That god is not some stranger,
Some sleeping grandfather.

He's your Father and mine.
You kicked Him out of your house,
But you can't get rid of Him
And you can't kill His love,
Any more than you can kill Me.
Your Father and I
Have started a revolution
To break open every house,
Family, city, room, heart,
Society, organisation, planet
That locks people's lives
And blocks their view of God."

This Jesus is beautiful

I.S.C.F. House party 1971 at Providence Portal, Lake Eucumbene

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