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Kunama 1971


We are proving that man can live in outer pace and at the bottom of the sea. Meanwhile, in the area between, it's getting tougher and tougher to survive.

The question asked of our generation is - Shall we surrender our surroundings or shall we begin to make reparations for the damage done to our air, to our land and to our water? Shall we continue to pollute now and pay later?

The smog and thick soot wafted into the atmosphere lead us to ask, "is there still blue sky?" The Dutch who live at the river's mouth have a stoic slogan, "Holland is the rubbish bin of the world." Will it happen in Australia as in Los Angeles, that children will be forbidden to exercise lest they breathe too deeply.

Australians are notorious for taking action only after the damage is done. However, the time for action is now, before any apparent damage has occurred.

The earth has its own waste disposal system but it has its limits. Industry has a vital role: first to minimise pollution and then to recycle waste. Businessmen should consider the greater profits to be made in rescuing the environment, above their own material gains.

Marie Darmody 5B

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