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Kunama 1971

The Sea

As the blue sea thunders onto the rocks below, spray is hurled high into the morning air. The beach curves away to meet and join with the sky. It is like a sliced peach as it glitters golden in the sun's rays.

The undergrowth is dense and green and rain on the leaves flashes like myriads of stars, as the tiny drops fall to the leaves below.

Far out to sea the blueness of the ocean melts into a purple haze, mixing with the sun's rosy glow. The waves hit the sand, run up a little ridge and slide back to gather strength again.

Grains of sand are soft and warm beneath your feet as you walk along the beach. The smell of salt is strong and only the birds twittering and the sea thundering on the rocks are heard.

The cliffs, red and yellow, tower high into the sky and then drop deeply into the ocean. Crests of foam, like porpoises, edge the waves that curve into a deep seagreen before they fall.

A feeling of being alone pervades the scene, away from the rush of cars, factories belching smoke and busy people madly jostling and pushing.

Man needs a place where he can watch in peace the beauty of the original world, untouched by advancing civilisation.

G. Holas 41

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