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Kunama 1971

Tense Up

It was twelve o'clock midnight. The smugglers still hadn't returned. He waited, crouched at the usual meeting place. Heavy footsteps were heard some distance away. Was he betrayed? Abruptly the footsteps stopped and heavy breathing could be heard. He waited . . . . waited . . . .


He was bleeding. He was hoping that the ambulance would arrive soon. Then it dawned on him - he was dying. Death was imminent. Think of the good times, he thought - love, happiness, his children, his wife. It was no use. Death was calling. He started struggling from the burning wreck. He was desperate. Faster, faster . . . . Death.


The key clicked and a deep, solemn voice spoke out. "Come on, it's time." The door creaked fully open. A minister gave him words of comfort and then they walked to the execution room. Every sharp click of the escort's boots was an agony on the prisoner's mind as they approached the chair.


It was moving very quickly. I turned my head in horror. It seemed like a lifetime before the impact. I felt glass shatter over my head. My legs became numb. As far as I was concerned I was going to die. I heard sirens and horns. People seemed to be yelling at each other. I felt the warmth of a rug on my body. It was all finished. It seemed only a second later that I felt a hand on my arm. Opening my eyes I realised I was alive - in hospital.


"Look, quick," shouted Tom. "The rope. It's nearly cut through." 1 looked. There it was; with only a few threads left it was hanging, full of threat to us. It snapped. We fell, tumbling down. Down and down. Something loomed up - a tree. I grabbed. Would it hold'?


Bang! Flames shot out from the starboard engine. Women screamed.
"My God, the plane's on fire," a man shouted.
"Stay in your seats," pleaded the hostess. There was panic.
The captain's voice urged, "Don't panic. We'll try to get her down."
We all knew the gravity of the situation. "Mummy, I don't want to die," a child pleaded.
The plane plummeted towards the earth.


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