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Kunama 1971


"Hello! I'm Mr. Noise. I can't really describe myself since I come in all different sizes. Sigh! I'm getting old now. I'm having my birthday next week and I'll be one billion and two years old. I can remember the first noises I did, the howling of the wind and the pounding of the waves. Ah! Yes. Those were the good, old days.

Then the little creatures grew into four legged animals who persisted in making me work rather hard. On top of this, two legged creatures appeared. These did not have much noise to begin with but soon I was working overtime to produce noise for them. As more animals came, the more noise I had to produce. I was only a million-ager then and it was rather hard on me.

Two legged creatures appeared. I was in my late five hundred million's then and they started to make noises with cannons and guns.

As the years went by I had to work harder and harder. I was called upon to do many jobs and I was sorry when I made big noises because I was disturbing the public. People began to hate me and to favour Mr. Peace and Quiet. Soon I was making factory and jet noises, People demonstrated because I was making too much noise for the human ear. Especially in the cities, people ignored me. Only if I made big noises and they take notice. Many people were sick and partially deaf because of me. I felt very sad. But worse was to come.

Soon they invented a machine called a rocket. I really had to excel myself at this because noisy results were expected. But the demonstrations against me also continued. I was forced to be quiet when taking off from an airport.

But life must go on, even if it makes me have a nervous breakdown, because people cannot live without me. I do wish they would look upon the better side of noise and appreciate me.

Sue McFadden 11

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