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Kunama 1971

A Look At China

A man in a little blue suit. He is not a handsome man by any means - he is much too plump. Nevertheless he is an imposing figure and to the Chinese he reflects greatness itself. If the foreigner does not recognise this greatness, it is soon explained to him.

The streets of China are filled with his brightly coloured portraits and his statues occupy the market squares. So, if one has not heard of this "man above mortals," one soon does.

He who fills the hearts of the Chinese with awe and wonder, will, occasionally, when he finds the time, speak to them. When the morale of the Chinese seems to be lagging, he will tell them that they are all equal, though some, such as he, are more equal than others.

China has lifted its bamboo curtain by playing ping pong. The game has achieved world recognition since it was the means of communication between East and West. Perhaps hopscotch or scrabble will solve our "cold war."

The opera and the bookstores in Peking contain a wide variety of drama and literature. The best seller is a red book which is supposedly on the mantlepieces throughout the land. It is the conscience of every Chinese, his ten commandments. This book is the only one available but it may be obtained in large, medium or small size.

The opera is very entertaining. The typical setting involves the Chinese and their constant victory over the imperialists (whoever they may be). Although there is not a great deal of variety, and a victory is expected anyway, the attendance at the theatre does not falter. It is satisfying to be reassured.

It can be seen from the above that the Chinese hold an enviable position. They do not have to worry about pornography, fashions do not change and they are saved the idious, tiresome business of elections. They are indeed fortunate.

Gail Adams 5B

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