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Kunama 1971

Sportsmaster's Report

Monaro High School has had a very successful year in sport. The sporting year commenced with the Annual Swimming Carnival. The early trial days were disappointing in regard to the lack of enthusiasm from 3rd, 4th and 5th form. Because of this the Carnival day was restricted to 1st 2nd and 6th form, plus competitors from all forms. The actual day was an outstanding success, with good competition and plenty of house spirit. Lawson emerged champions from Kendall, 705 pts. to 655 pts.

From this carnival the zone team was selected and trained by Mr. Murphy. Outstanding results were obtained by Jose van Geffen and Debbie Andison, while the team as a whole performed well. Jose was later selected to represent at Sydney. The team amassed 7 1sts, 8 seconds, 18 thirds and 11 4ths.

The first inter-school visit was against Dickson at Cooma. Dickson had a very easy victory (42 pts. to 20) holding the Noel Laughlan Cup after winning it last winter. Monaro lifted themselves to defeat arch rivals Bega at Bega by 24 pts. to 14. This is the first time Monaro has defeated Bega in the summer for a number of years. Monaro thus kept the Dickerson Cup until the winter.

With the summer sports finished, it was time for the Annual Athletic Carnival. The response from pupils for the carnival was tremendous. House eliminations were successful ensuring a good carnival. Thanks must go to House Patrons and Captains for their support in this.

In beautiful weather the competitors and Houses fought for supremacy, held by Lawson from last year. Gordon won the sub-junior title, Kendall the Junior while Paterson won the seniors and the overall carnival. Thanks go to Mr. Tarlinton for organization and Mr. Constance for the oval markings.

The last major event in 1st term was the school's cycling. championship. This was the first time this event has been held. Individual honours went to R. Hartig, Kendall (Open Boys). W. Flynn, Kendall (Junior Boys), and M. Barkley. Gordon (Open Girls). Kendall were overall champions.

In winter, the Saturday morning football teams showed the benefit of a year's experience at Rugby Union. Three teams out of 4 made the semi-finals (14 vrs., 15 Yrs. and 16 yrs.) with the 16 yrs. making the Final and the 15 Yrs. team making the Grand Final. The 15 yrs. team won the Grand Final 8-6.

Thanks go to Mr. Soper, Mr. Reeks and Mr. Fitzgerald for the time and effort they gave to their teams for both inter-school matches and Saturday morning matches.

The school's Hockey teams had a most successful year, the highlight of which was the Senior team's success at the Zone Carnival at Albury where they were undefeated, with Debbie Costello and Lynne Oliver being selected in the area team to play in Tamworth for state selection.

The next inter-school visit was held at the end of July against Dickson at Canberra. Dickson made it three victories in a row with another good win. Monaro will have to improve their overall strength if they are to regain supremacy from Dickson.

Monaro had a more successful day against Bega. They retained the cup, the scores being 29 to 13.

The final visit against Queanbeyan at Cooma was a very close tussle. At lunch the scores were 23 points all. The final scores after the afternoon session were locked at 29 pts. all. Queanbeyan retained the cup they won last year.

Half way through second term the Athletic team commenced training for the Zone Carnival at Narrandera. This paid dividends with outstanding results as a team as well as individually. Competing against 30 schools, Monaro won 10 1st places, 12 second places, 8 third places and 15 4th places. Out of the squad of 42 pupils, 9 were selected to represent Riverina Zone at Sydney. They were: Tom Latter, Michael Bruce, Drew Andison, Paul Russell, Paul Fitzgerald, Jose van Geffen, Margaret Rolfe, Roslyn Welch and Debbie Andison. The excursion to Leeton on the day after the carnival was very worthwhile, as an educational tour. Thanks go to Narrandera staff and pupils for their help, without which, none of this would be possible, nor as enjoyable.

The school skiing championship was very successful with record entrants. Outstanding pupils were Michael Klima and Rod Burgess, Gordon House won on overall results. Thanks go to Mr. Murphy and Mrs. Davies for their work in this field.

Very little remains as major sporting events for this year. The tennis tournament is still in progress, while the squash and golf tournaments won't be held until third term. The House Championship Cup has developed into a tight tussle between Gordon and Kendall, with the result yet to be decided.

I would like to thank all pupils and staff who have supported Miss Bush and myself in this sporting year. I would also like to remind pupils that the more keen competitors we have for every event, or place in a team will not only raise our school's standard - but also individual standards.

The Sportsmaster,
B. Thorne

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