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Kunama 1971

Under 15 Boys Rugby Union

Back: A. Berzins, R. Wallace, I. Thomas, R. Smith, R. Bottom, W. Douglas, Mr. Reeks.
Middle: L. Wohl, G. Comans, P. Crawford, Wallace, J. Evans.
Front: A. Garnock, T. Garstzka.

We started the season well by being runners-up in the A.C.T. Knockout. Throughout the year the team played well, losing only one of our competition matches. This was against the very strong Downer team. We then met Downer in the first semi-final but unfortunately lost 14-5.
In the final we recorded a fine 16-3 win against Daramalan, thus qualifying to meet Downer in the Grand Final. The Grand Final resulted in an 8-6 win to Monaro, thus reversing the two previous losses at the hands of Downer.

The team started to run well this year with the backs being very dangerous in attack. The forwards have developed a bit of the 'fire' that is necessary for a Union pack and on a number of occasions dominated the opposition pack.

Full marks must go to the full-back Jim Evans for his sound defence and beautiful clearing kicks. Also to Norm Wallace for his fine goal kicks and to the team as a whole for reaching the Grand Final.

We would like to thank Mr. Reeks for his coaching during the year.

P. Crawford

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