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Kunama 1971


Back: W. Steinbacher, D. Schweiger, D. King, S. Horne, J. Howes.
Middle: Mrs. Davies, P. Kirkemo, P. Thomas, M. Klima, R. Burgess, Mr. Murphy.
Seated: S. Howes, C. Bottcher, A. Olah, M. Burgess.
Front: A. Klima, J. Howes

Monaro High School performed extremely well in the 1970 High School Ski Championships. There were five events in these Championships consisting of A Grade, B Grade and C Grade Giant Slaloms, a Jump and a Cross Country event. Monaro competed against 14 schools and won all five events plus the individual awards for girls and boys.

In 1971 Monaro and other N.S.W. High School students are unable to compete as representatives of their schools due to an Education Department ruling. This broadly states that as skiing is not officially recognised as a secondary school sport and that the Championships are held during school hours, then permission cannot be granted for students and any staff to participate.

This will keep N.S.W. schools out of the Championships and leave only Victorian schools to enter-it is, therefore, not an Australian Championship.

Since the inauguration of this Championship by the Victorian M.P. Mr. Tom Mitchell, the number of schools competing has increased from 4 in 1967 until in 1970 there were 15 entered. This year, due to the Department's restriction the number will probably decrease. This indicates that skiing is no longer a sport for a minority group as the numbers of skiers are increasing each year-as was shown at the Monaro High School Ski Championships where approximately 1.0% of the school population was interested and participated.

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