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Kunama 1971

I.S.C.F. Activities

1971 has seen a varied programme in Inter-School Christian Fellowship activities. The major objective of the I.S.C.F. movement throughout the world is: "To know Christ and to make Him known." However. this aim poses immediate problems. How. on a practical level can Christianity be made meaningful? The I.S.C.F. has tried to make Christianity relevant in the school. At the same time, I.S.C.F.'ers have learnt quite a lot in 1971 about making Christianity work.

The highlight of Term 1 is usually the House Party. 1971 was no exception. Forty four pupils and eight staff went to the Providence Portal (Fishermen's) Lodge and discussed Christianity under the theme: "The Lordship of Christ." Discussions, as usual, were blended with concert, hike, singalongs and recreational activities. The Committee in particular, remember this occasion as one which succeeded in spite of human planning.

The 2nd Term brought a new addition to I.S.C.F. programming: an outside meeting. On this occasion the I.S.C.,F. attempted to go to the school. Pastor Dipple gave a talk on "What being a Christian Means to Me," and invited anyone from school to ask questions.

Third Term brings another outside meeting and we again invite everybody to come along and share thoughts with us. Come along to our weekly meetings in T13 (seniors) and B3 (juniors). Take part in our barbecues and hikes on local properties or join in our senior discussions in Cooma homes.

A. J. P.

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