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Kunama 1977

Heading: Flogging the issue 

An interview with the Deputy Principal, Mr Rugendyke.


Q. Do you think that juniors and seniors should be treated differently?
A. Yes. It is a subconscious act. Adults and little youngsters are different, so different groups should be treated differently.

the flog Q. It is suggested that seniors should mix more with juniors and that juniors could be treated in a more adult way. Could you comment?
A. If juniors can be treated as adults, then it is reasonable to expect that seniors can mix with juniors. If juniors shouldn't be treated as adults then seniors can remain more aloof. At home and socially there are many occasions where you mix with people much younger than yourself. So, while it is reasonable for you to be separate sometimes, it is also reasonable for you to mix.

Q. Would the treatment of juniors more as adults lead to an improvement in teacher/student relationships?
A. This depends on the individual. Everyone should be treated individually, according to their age group and maturity.

Q. Do you prefer working as a Teacher or an Administrator?
A. No preference. I enjoy teaching and administrating. There is a pleasure in both.

Q. Did you enjoy your period as Headmaster earlier this year?
A. Yes, I enjoyed it. I liked it very much. It wasn't much different from my job as Deputy. The Principal's en Deputy's jobs overlap. It's a team job.

Q. What do you see as your main function in the school?
A. The Principal's function is to initiate policy and change. The Deputy Principal's job is to implement the policy of the Principal. My main concern is the running of an efficient school. This includes taking note of suggestions made by staff, school council and students.

Q. Five years ago, the status of M.H.S. was low and now it seems to be improving. Why is this?
A. I didn't know that the status was low five years ago.

Q. Convent enrolments have increased. Some say because of bullying and standover tactics at M.H.S. Do you agree with this?
A. People have been jumping up and down about this kind of thing for years. In actual fact, there is only a very small group of people that give trouble, and it is very easy for opinions to be formed from one small, isolated incident. You should judge a place on the positive things that you see and certainly the general standing of the school is quite satisfactory.

Q. Have communications in the school improved since Mr McGee came?
A. Recently, there has been a trend right throughout the community for open government, so while greater communication has been evident at this school in Mr McGee's time, it is not peculiar to this school. It's part of a wider trend.

Q. Would a closer liason between students and staff help overall?
A. We have a Junior and a Senior Council. These should be used to air grievances. Also, there is usually ample opportunity in the classroom to sort out problems. We often have the problem that students don't express themselves clearly enough in class.

Q. What is your personal approach to work?
A. Things should be done properly. I think if a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing properly.

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