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Kunama 1977

Heading: Mr D.I.

An interview with the District Inspector, Mr Bieler.


Q. What is your general opinion of Monaro High?
A. A very fine school. One of which the community should be proud.

Q. What is your opinion of Kunama as a magazine for school children?
A. A tremendous experience for all those concerned in its formation. School magazines have changed and informalised since I was at school. It is now very informalised - not the formal, conservative structure it was. It is now mostly the students' work.

Q. What do you think of the editing of the magazine?
A. Well, in my day it was very strict editing. What we did was a process called screening - the material left over was again severely edited. Nowadays they allow much more free expression. It is mostly only spelling and language that is edited and what you read is really the student's work.

Q. What is your opinion on the tradition of school magazines?
A. Well, I think that the tradition of the Principal's Report should be left up to the Principal. They should keep up the tradition and not interview. The way of interviewing does not often get across what the Principal wants to say.

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