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Kunama 1977

The School President's report


Do you hate school?

Think about it. What exactly do you dislike? Teachers? Lessons? Lack of independence? Having to conform? The fact that you have to attend (for one reason or another)? Untold others?

School is an integral part of our society. Society demands, rightly or wrongly, certain things from the education system, namely people who have the basics of education (reading, writing, etc.) In this way, society furthers itself. Unfortunately (we believe) this places restrictions on education. One of these is that society decides the basic structure of school (e.g. things taught, the way they are taught). As long as we are caught up in the machinery, society determines to some extent what we know and the course we follow, and thus society determines the way we are to be.

In a school, the machinery which shapes us to society's standards are the teachers, the lessons, the discipline, the restricitions...

You may dislike these features of school, but that is the way it is; will always be. It can't be changed. That leaves two options - acceptance or rejection. That decision should be up to each person. Unfortunately, most students are "forced" to attend by law or parents.

Thus, suckers, you're stuck with a system that can't be changed and you're not able to escape until your parents allow, or you "come of age".

What has this deep, philosophical, disillusioning rave got to do with a Student council report? Very little, you might reply. You wouldn't be wrong.

The Student Council cannot change the system. This is done by society. However, we have tried to make it easier for students by implementing things that give a little more freedom by easing off a few of the minor restrictions.

It's not much but it makes, we hope, life at school somewhat easier.

Michelle Beauchamp

Chris Mattner

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