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Kunama 1977

Heading: verbal burble

Heading: verbal burble / maths


The Mathematics Department hs taken on a new image this year. The supremacy of the male in the Mathematics has finally been reached at Monaro High. This year all the nine Maths tachers are handsome males. I suppose that there are people who are saying that this is nothing to Crowe about (and he isn't) and that we are Harbering sexist views (and he isn't). I know that it is not the Dunne thing totalk about views like this and people may get Browned off very easily but facts are facts and we need to be able to explain them.

Is it coincidence or just simple male supremacy? Where have all the female Maths teachers gone? What is the probability of having nine out of nine male members of staff? Just think of the historical significance of this event. We are a unique staff. There has never been anything like us before. We are an historic staff (one member is almost pre-historic). What will happen to the school as a result of this rare occurrence? (Please send all answers to the school - no member of the Maths staff is eligable to enter this competition and no correspondence will be opened).

Certain people have been so attracted to the Maths staff that they have visited the school after hours and have "borrowed" equipment from the stafroom. Fortunately a top security guard was hired from Italy - he is an expert on Roman numerals and on negatives. His name is Big Vinney. He's tough and the Maths staff now sleep securely knowing that Big Vinney is there night and day, day and night.

The staff have spent considerable time on the development of a consistent approach to the teaching of basic skills. On the whole the operation was successful, but a fraction of the staff felt that a percentage of the notes needed imporvement. However, it is hoped that an improvement in the standard of numeracy will occur as a result of the increased emphasis on basic skills and the distribution of the notes to all junior students.

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