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Kunama 1977


This area of our school life had a face-lift this year. The most obvious gain was the newly-furnished, luxuriously carpeted Careers Room or Executive Suite, as some people enviously call it! Mr Goodisson was given twelve periods for careers work while the timetable changed around Easter, and this enabled him to really get his teeth into the job - even to the extent of working with people outside the school.

The Vocational Interests Day held on 17th August, was a spectacular success. About 76 councellors came to advise interested students on careers as divere as park-ranging to banking, law to panel-beating. Every pupil had the opportunity to consult with the counsellor of their choice and the Brigidine Convent was invited to share in the day too.
Our thanks go to the Cooma Rotary Club members who gave so much help and support for this day. When students were asked to evaluate the day, the response was overwhelmingly positive. No decision has yet been made as to whether we will hold the Vocational Interests Day annually or biannually.

Other duties, such as counselling, writing references, interviews for scholarships and arranging student visits took place throughout the year.

Every student at Monaro should be aware of the careers service available to them and should make use of all the facilities. Both Mr Goodisson and Mrs Litchfield are available for talks with students - all you have to do is ask them for a time. You may browse in the careers room and absorb the information there in comfortable surroundings. The important thing is that students should not leave school without having explored the areas available to them for a satisfying career. It is one of the most important decisions of your life.

"Goodo" and
"Aunty Gilly"

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