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Kunama 1977


I.S.C.F. (Inter School Christian Fellowship) is not a club. You don't have to join it. Neither is it a group of God-fearing, righteous, stuck-up snobs. It is just a group of people who come together in a spirit of good-will to find out a little more about God, His Son and what they mean to us.

This year, I.S.C.F. has had a varied programme for the lunchtime meetings. We have triedto make the meetings as interesting as possible with the use of film strips, films, discussions and tapes, as well as in viting one or two guests to speak on certain topics. We have discussed many topics as they relate to the Christian viewpoint and in relation to our lives.

The topics range from parent/child relationships to abortion; from African Missions to the world's "other 80%" and topics or problems that many of us might have to face in our lives.

This year there has also been a great interest shown in the Bible Study Group which meets on Friday at lunchtime in C2 and also in the Prayer Meeting in T9 at recess on Thursday. Both meetings have been successful in providing two facets of Christianity which are necessary to the Christian for growth.

This year ahouse party was heald in Tate Ski Lodge at Guthega and was a roaring success with everybody enjoying themselves immensely. The guest speaker was Mr Stranger, an ex-Monaro teacher, who now hails from Sydney. About 30 students and 8 adults attended. There was a film and also games, as well as talks, Bible studies, songs and prayer time. Everyone, including the non-committed Christians, enjoyed it and got something out of it.

To many people, I.S.C.F. has negative connotations, probably because they don't understand what it means, even though many of these people have expressed a belief in God in some way or other. If you are like this, come along and find out for yourself what it means. You are always welcome. Meetings are in T13 Monday lunchtime.

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