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Kunama 1977


Monaro has again produced outstanding results in tennis: not only in inter-school visits but with teams representing the school in state competititons. The present standard at Monaro is high and it is hoped that this will continue.

In each of the inter-school visits our teams proved too strong, having comfortable wins over both Queanbeyan and Bega. Players who represented the school in Senior teams were Christine Fraser, Jill Koppman, Alison Benson, Vicki Brooks, Andrew Mould, Gillian Smith, Kay Muggleton and Murray Learmont. The school’s Junior teams included Dianne Fraser, Denise Snowden, Joanne Terry, Tanya Mugridge, Patrick Fraser, Stuart Ridden, Gavin Clout, Angela Davis and Tim Post.

All players showed some understanding play and good temperament in matches played. Our thanks is extended to Mr McKenzie and Mrs Reeks for organising the Senior and Junior teams respectively.

The school was again represented in the Stan Jones Cup and the Florence Conway Cup, which are competitions run on a statewide basis. The boys’ team who played for the Stan Jones Cup were Phillip Van Zanden, Bruce Goodwin, Athol Brooks and Richard Spain. All showed outstanding performances in their first match when they travelled to Kiama to play. Despite the consistent play and determination of our boys, Kiama ran out victors by 6 sets to 2. Kiama had some state players in their team and our boys performed creditably and played to the best of their ability.

Similarly in the Florence Conway Cup, the girls played very well. The team, composed of Christine Fraser, Jill Koppman, Vicki Brooks and Dianne Fraser, travelled to Wollongong to play their first match against Figtree High. However, consistent play and effort was not enough and Figtree defeated thegirls 6 sets to 2. due to unforseen circumstances, tow of our top players, Patricia Nichols and Geradine Young were unable to represent the team, which resultedin oneof our sub-juniors, Dianne Fraser, playing. Although she played well, whe was at a disadvantage, playing opposition much older. This however did not deter the team and they performed very well.

Our most sincere thanks to Mr Broad for organising the boys’ team andMr McKenzie for organising the girls’ team. Their continued efforts in coaching and practice enabled both teams to prove that Monaro has some prominent young players.

School Tennis Championships

Junior Events
Boys' Singles - Athol Brooks d Tony Percy
Girls' Singles - Joanne Terry d Kay Phillips

Sub-Junior Events
Girls' Singles - Dianne Fraser
Boys' Singles - Philip Doyle
Girls' Doubles - Dianne Fraser
Boys' Doubles - Philip Doyle and Robert Dickerson
Mixed Doubles - Robert Dickerson and Donna Mould

Senior Events
Boys' Singles - Phillip van Zanden d Bruce Goodwin
Girls' Singles - Christine Fraser d Patricia Nichols
Boys' Doubles - David Gibson and Stephen Muggleton
Girls' Doubles - Jillian Koppman and Geradine Young
Mixed Doubles - David Gibson and Jillian Koppman

B Grade
Boys' Singles - Robert Patat
Girls' Singles - Donna Smith

The championships would not have been held if it were not for the interest of the teachers who organise them. A thank you to Mr McKenzie, Mr Tarlinton, Mrs Reeks and to all the participants who made them such a success.

On a sadder note, we must this year farewell five of our top players. They have represented the school on many occasions and have proven worthwhile ambassadors for the school. They are Vicki Brooks, Jill Koppman, Patricia Nichols, Geradine Young and Phillip van Zanden. It is hoped that our oncoming juniors will follow in their footsteps.

Jillian Koppman

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