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Kunama 1977


13 years
The team lost its first game against Bega at Bega by 4 runs in a low scoring game. The heavy outfield prevented high scoring; but in the game against Queanbeyan in Cooma, Monaro had a very convincing win. This was a combined 13 years-14 years team. Scores in this match were Queanbeyan 37, Monaro 111. Geoff Litchfield and Trevor Norton were the captains. John Crispe improved with his wicketkeeping.

15 years
This team, captained by David Haylock, was out-classed in the two games played. Against Bega, we scored 32 and Bega passed this with 2 wickets down. Against Queanbeyan, Monaro scored 50 and Queanbeyan 160. Mitchell Judd bowled well and James Mattner defended doggedly with the bat.

In the match against Queanbeyan, Monaro only managed 72 runs. A dogged innings br David Patterson saved the team’s collapse. Queanbeyan were in real trouble at 6-30 after some good bowling by Doug Burgess and Greg Bowerman, but some lucky hitting by Queanbeyan saw them pass our score. Our team was made up of untried circketers since most of the better players decided to play Baseball.
In the Bega match, our oppononents batted first and were 4-165 after the alotted time.
Burgess and Kyle took 2 wickets each. Monaro were all out for 94.

S. Laurence.

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