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Kunama 1977


Girls Senior ‘A’
Over the past year we have played a series of games against Queanbeyan and Bega, most of which we were successful in. The one exception however, was a hard fought game played at Queanbeyan, the end result being a defeat by one goal. Kim Hilyard, Patricia Nichols and Geradine Young proved to be the best players. We would all like to thank Mr Harris for the incentive he gave us throughout our victorious season.

Girls’ Senior ‘B’
This team was formed for the two Queanbeyan visits only. The first game, in Queanbeyan, resulted in a resounding victory: 34-4. Teamwork was excellent. However, with the return of Queanbeyan, the game was not as good, but Monaro still won 18 to 6.
Team: Tammye Lapham, Kay Phillips, Diane Podlich, Donna Muir, Debbie Jamieson, Chris Goodwin, Laura Botto, Joanne Horne

Senior Boys’
In our first match against Bega, we were defeated by the close margin of 2 points, although we only had three players on the court for the last five minutes. We regained our status however, when we defeated Bega by 15 points in the second game.
Our next game was against Queanbeyan when over-shadowed this defeat in the following game by winning by 12 points.

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