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Kunama 1977


Open Girls’
Yes, Monaro High does have a Hockey team. All of these years and nobody noticed! That seems to be the general idea in this school: Hockey does not exist.

We have attended this school for close to five years now and rarely has anyone tried to help the teams on. There are only two people in this school that even remember that there is such a sport as Hockey - Mr Maclachlan and Mrs Smith. Let’s all hope that they <B>can</b> continue to REMEMBER.

So thank you Mr Maclachlan and Mrs Smith for making one team in this school a successful one. We appreciate it.

Our trip to Crookwell to play in a Round-Robin Competition proved to be a most interesting one since, after travelling many kilometres, we ended up playing the team from Bega High School, among others. Still, all was not lost as Mr Maclachlan shouted all the team a milkshake at Goulburn!

The inter-school visits resulted in a very well fought loss with Queanbeyan 2-1 and a 3-1 loss against Bega. The team however, is not at a disgrace and at some stage of the games we must have had the opponents worried - with the use of our well planned tactics and blunders.

All the girls played as a team in all matches and Monaro High should be proud to have produced a Hockey team with such spirit and ability.

Vicki Gammon & Del Oliver

Open Boys’
There were two major visits for the team this year. The first was the return from Bega; and the second was the visit to Queanbeyan. Although we were beaten both times, it did not dull the players’ enthusiastic spirits.

The first game was a defeat for Monaro, with Bega winning 2-0. This was a fast game with both teams putting all they had into it. The best players of the day were Keith Smith, Richard Kelly and our great goal keeper, Alan Pascoe.

The second game that Monaro played was at Queanbeyan. Monaro proved to be the better players this time but unfortunately Queanbeyan came back in the second half and defeated Monaro 3-1. During the first half Monaro was hardly out of the opposing half. Forwards Richard Kelly and Ian Reid, backed up by the two wings played a very convincing game. One goal was scored by Ian in the closing minutes of the half. In the second half the tables turned and the Open Hockey suffered another defeat.

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