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Kunama 1977


South Coast Regional Cross Country Championships

25 May 1977

Twenty-seven pupils from Monaro High School travelled to Nowra as a part of the Eurobodalla Zone to compete in the Regional Championships. The Region includes all schools in the Wollongong area and south to the Victorian border.
The day was most successful, with all competitors acquitting themselves well.

The outstanding results are as follows:

South Coast Regional Champions
Susan Freimanis 14 years girls 2000 metres
Mandy Venables 15 years girls 3000 metres

Runner-up to the Regional Champion
Samantha Lucas 12 years girls 2000 metres

Other places in the first 8
Chris Comer 12 years boys 2000 metres
Robyn Stove 16 years girls 3000 metres
Debbie Rolfe Senior girls 5000 metres
Doug Burgess Senior boys 5000 metres

All the above pupils who finished in the first eight places were selected to represent theSouth Coast Region at the NSW Championships conducted in Sydney on 7 June.

In addition to the above placegetters, two Monaro pupils were selected as reserves for the Regional Team:

Claire Christie 13 years girls 2000 metres
Vanessa Lucas 14 years girls 2000 metres

Susan Freimanis and Mandy Venables went on to finish 4th in their respective events at the State Championships.

Congratulations to all mentioned above and a special vote of thanks to the parents who assisted with transport - the trip would not have been possible without them.

R. Soper
Team Manager

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