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Kunama 1977


1977 has been our year to rebuild, for a large number of our talented and experienced sportsmen en sportswomen ended their school careers at the end of '76. This left our senior teams rather depleted for the 1977 competition. We had to use this year to blood new players, and aim to get back to full strength in '78, and I feel confident that we will do just that.

Monaro has a wealth of talented junior sporting pupils who will become available in the next two years. So our immediate prospects in C.H.S. competition and inter-school visits looks bright. For example, many of our open footballers will line up again next year, and though they only performed fairly this year, many gained valuable experience necessary for 1st grade football in '78.

There were some excellent individual efforts this year. Stephen Rugendyke established himself as an outstanding sprinter by gaining 2nd place in the C.H.S. Open 100 metre sprint, and then backed this up with a sound 3rd in the 200 metres.

It's not very often that "boys from the bush" can gain placings at C.H.S. level of competition in successive years as the Rugendyke boys have done. They are extremely talented athletes and we will hear a lot more about their athletic achievements in the future.

Doug Burgess has gone from strength to strength with his skiing, winning the Australian Junior Skiing Championships for the third year in succession. I feel sure that Doug will wear the Green and Gold for Australia in the very near future.

Our inter-school visits went well this year, and over the winter and summer visits with both Queanbeyan and Bega we performed very well. Monaro won two visits and lost two.

In concluding this report, my thanks go to all members of staff who have given the time and effort to assist the P.E. staff in training and coaching teams. We are extremely disappointed that, after waiting many years to have a young and interested pool of "sport orientated" teachers who are always willing and available to coach and work with teams, that the school will be losing at leas five of them at the end of the school year. The pupils will miss their interest and guidance in the future, and our special thanks go to them for their efforts this year.

Clive Pickering

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