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Kunama 1977


Debating and Public Speaking spoke well for itself in 1977. The school participated in a variety of competitions, giving those enthusiastic speakers great experience.

The art of debating and public speaking, along with other intellectual sports, is often scoffed at by those whoes intellectual abilities flow best on the field of athletic endeavour. This is unfortunate, for the exercise of one's mind and vocal chords (beyond the school chant), is a worthwhile and stimulating experience.

Over the years, M.H.S. has gained a reputation for being a competent and successful school iin the art of oratory. This year, the debating team of Chris Kleeburg, Sheena McTacket and Marina Berzins have spoken their way through thick and thin, to participate in the Civic Permanent Debates, achieving school-wide fame by appearing on T.V. The Encyclopaedia Britannica Debating Competition has also provided many debates for this team, who have competed, with varying success, against such schools as Bega, Bombala and Brigidine.

In addition to these three ladies, we have found a wealth of talent, relatively untopped in the school. Chris Kleeburg, Melissa Reeves and Liz Rodda all gained places in the Voice of Youth Speaking Competition, and Chris went on to become equal first in the A.C.T. zone.

The school has been well represented at the inter-school visits with talented speakers coming from all years, the main ones being Andrea Bruno, Matthew Horne, Sandra Bray and Ron Dowd, along with Melissa Reeves who has participated in both debating and public speaking.

The general standard of speaking at Monaro has been high, but to maintain this standard we must keep in practice. Earlier in the year a speakers club was formed, but interest waned early in the piece. If you aim at verbocity, help us to recreate the speakers club in 1978 and help us have more fun and success as the intelligent sportsmen of M.H.S.

Thanks go to Mr Buck, who has looked after most of the Public Speaking and Debating for this year. He has competently provided us with times, topics and venues, but unfortunately these did not always coincide with the other team.

Despite all the setbacks and disadvantages, 1977 Debaters and Public Speakers had an active year and hopefull it will prove just as successful in 1978.

Mr Buck
Sheena McTacket

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