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Kunama 1977


During May of this year the school was buzzing with many people preparing for their certain plays. The main play for the nights was the Mikado. It was an English version of life in Japan, set in the town of Titipu. In a way, it was an off-beat Days of our Lives story. It involves Love and Death and also Comedy and Satire.

There were nine main characters in the play:
Nanki-Poo Mikado's son David Horne
Pish-Tush Noble Tom Kyle
Ko-Ko Lord High Executioner Jeff Brindle
Poo-Bah Lord High Everything Else Phillip Chapple
3 wards of Ko-Ko Christine Kleeberg
Natalie Hodges
Liz Rodda
Katisha Evil old Woman Melissa Reeves
Mikado Emperor of Japan Ron Dowd

The choir was made up of over 70 people and I'm not going to give all of their names. The costumes were done delightfully Japanese by staff (particularly Mrs Broad and Miss Hines), students and mothers and an Imperial job was done by the make-up girls, Miss Heeren and Mrs Varga.

There wer 27 songs in all, including favourites such as Titwillow, Behold the Lord High Executioner and I've got a Little List. This went down well with the crowd due to the talents of Mr Canavan who added an extra verse.

The piano accompaniment was by Mrs Blyth, Phillipa Burgess and Sheena McTackett. One comment on the Mikado by an astute dramatic savant was "Had we been given adequate stage equipment and orchestra we could have even topped the Little Theatre".

The other component of the Arts Festival was a selection of plays staged by the school's English staff. The playes were "Ali's Barbara", "Under Milkwood", "Royal Colour", "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and "Ned Kelly". Also, a short vocational guidance film entitled "How to Rob a Bank" was screened.

Both the Mikado and the Play Nights were well received by their enthusiastic audiences.

The Mikado in particular, was great favourite with the school audience since it got just on eight hundred school-age citizens out of five periods of schoolwork. So until next year.....


Ron Dowd
(with a little help
from two unknown friends)

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