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About this site


Technical stuff

This site was built by myself, at home, with a total of personal hours I hadn't really imagined beforehand. It took a long time to work out the basic form, but in the end I managed to find an acceptable balance between printed (analogue) and digital expressions.
Along the way, I've developed my HTML skills, I managed to get my schoolyears back into perspective and perhaps even managing to interest a few people as well.

During my odyssey, I needed useful tools to help me do what I wanted to do, e.g.:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe GoLive
  • Quark XPress
  • my CanoScan 1260 scanner which is hooked up to my PC
  • and of course, my trusty Apple Macintosh 6500 computer (running system 9.2, 250 Mhz, 128 Mb RAM for those of you who are interested), which at the time of writing (March 2004) has passed it's fourth birthday. A lovely machine with which I feel totally comfortable and still so a lot of work with, although I seem to be spending more time on the PC these days...
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer and Apple Safari.
  • Eudora for both Mac and Windows for my e-mail.

About myself

Bart, born in Sydney in 1960, of Dutch parents who immigrated to Australia in 1956/1957. We moved in 1962, and I spent my first significant years in the Northern Rivers, close to Lismore, before I came to Cooma in 1969. After three years at Cooma Primary I went to MHS in 1972, where I stayed until 1978 (having repeated Year 11). A wonderful, brilliantly confusing, exhilarating, strange period of time in which I felt both quite comfortable but awkwardly out of place in an Australia which I was totally unable to comprehend. I left Australia in 1979 to go and live in the Netherlands, never really returning except as a visitor. Married in 1989, three daughters, work now as a graphic designer in Amsterdam. If you're intererested, more can be found in the personal section of this website.

photo taken September 21st, 2003

About my Kunama project

I started this project in order to save my own hard-copy versions of Kunama from the ravages of time, an undertaking which has since taken on the form of an ongoing project...
Despite fading printing inks, paper deterioration, silverfish and totally unmanageable printing screen frequencies, I've managed to salvage a reasonable amount of material which will all be presented in the course of time. I've needed to make a number of concessions to the original formats, due to the differences between the original and the digital interpretations of the material involved, but have tried to adhere as faithfully as possible to the original editions.


On this site I'm trying to build a permanent record of the yearly activities at MHS as recorded in Kunama, starting with the 1970's. Unfortunately I only have a limited number of editions at my disposal and I would be extremely grateful if anybody could donate copies of any years so these could be added to the record, so they would not be lost in the course of the years. I'll give each and every contributor full credit and for anybody who is interested I have the means of creating meaningful facsimile editions. Let me know if you're interested.

If you have anything to contribute, be it editions of Kunama, photographs taken during your MHS years, or otherwise, please feel free to contact me to discuss any forms of participation. Any form of contact would be greatly appreciated.


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